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We all have things that we absolutely love to do. Maybe you love to coach, take photos, create makeup tutorials, cook...

It’s the thing (OR things) that makes you feel alive and puts a fire in your belly.


you probably don’t think you could ever make money from your passion. You may think, "I can’t make money doing [insert your passion here]. Nobody would pay me to do that. It’s too much fun and I love it too much!"

Well, thanks to the internet, almost any passion can be turned into a profitable side hustle. 

You CAN make money doing the things that you love the most. 

Yep. You can turn your passion project into a profitable project... or, better yet... into a profitable business.

I’m going to show you . . .

Exactly how I'm getting customers and clients... even during this crazy time. I've been doing it for years so I KNOW you can too!

(Yep - you read that right!)

Don't believe me?

Here’s a photo of me working as the SPOKESPERSON for ALDI retailer... a role that I had the honor of serving for two consecutive years. One of my passions is communicating directly with audiences.  And as a spokesperson, I'm able to work with brands to communicate their message to a wide audience. At the same time, I'm able to introduce my audience to cool, amazing brands that I love!

And, yes. I get paid for doing it.
I've also worked with the National Honey Board, General Motors, Verizon Wireless, the L.A. Times, and many other brands.
... and here I am as Lifestyle Television expert, pursuing another passion of mine: BROADCAST TELEVISION!
My passion for offering lifestyle tips has taken me to appear on major television networks throughout California (my home state!) and across the nation...
has led to lucrative deals with major brands.
I'm also a digital marketer and have been able to make a profitable side income providing digital services for e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses in digital media strategies, including social media, email marketing, SMS, and branding. 

all the passions I mentioned have turned into revenue-generating machines for me. 

I don't rely on just one thing in order to be financially secure.  And neither should you.
"I can, with a little behind-the-scenes work (ok, it's more than a "little" work) tap into one of my passions and start generating revenue just like that."
I've been minimally affected by what's happening in the world right now, and that's due to the different revenue streams I've set up for myself. 

I've put myself in a position where I don't have to limit my number of resources. So it's safe to say that 'I know my stuff.'

But I know that A LOT of people are really struggling right now and could use some guidance on how to create extra income.

Although this isn't an overnight, quick fix... in this book, you'll learn how to set yourself up for a path of financial freedom... one passion project at a time!

And I want to share what I know with you, because I'm certain it can help.

So over the past few weeks, I locked myself away and put something together for you. . .
How would it change your life to make an extra $2,000 per month? Or double that? 
You can easily make that if you know how to create a profitable side hustle. In fact, if you know what you’re doing, you may be able to turn your passion project into your full-time job.

Of course, all this raises the critical question: how do you start a side hustle? 

In this eBook, you'll get a roadmap for turning your passion into a profitable side hustle. You'll be guided step-by-step, to making money doing what you love.

Here's just a fraction of the goodness you'll learn in Passion to Profit: THE NO B.S. GUIDE TO turn what you love into a viable business AND GET AS MANY CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY HANDLE! . . . 

  • Prepare Yourself TO MAKE MORE MONEY. The motivational aspect of pushing through. 
  • Identify Your Passions and Interests. The first step is to identify what you love to do AND are good at doing. Both elements are required. If you want your side hustle to be sustainable, you must love doing it. If you don’t, you’ll burn out quickly.
  • Validate Your Side Hustle. Demonstrate that others will really pay you for what you offer them. Determine if there’s a “market need” for the product or services that you will offer.
  • Determine What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors. Unless you’re building something completely new and revolutionary, you’re going to be competing against others. 
  • Determine How You Will Sell. No matter what you’re selling, there is an online platform to sell it AND an audience to sell it to.

    and more...

The trick is to avoid wasting time on ideas that won’t get any traction. 
The point here is to make REVENUE!
  • If you’re not living your best life now, let that serve as a motivator for your side hustle. You really can make money doing what you absolutely LOVE. How would it change your life if you were doing work that actually made you happy?
  • A side hustle is the intersection of passion and profit. In other words, it’s all about taking the things you love and are good at and turning them into a profitable gig.
  • There is a psychological concept called “flow.” It’s when you find yourself so immersed in an activity that you lose all track of time and are simply focused on what’s in front of you. When do you find yourself in the “flow” of things? Pay attention to these moments. It’s these activities that could turn into viable side hustles. 
Success happens over the long haul, not overnight. Therefore, if you want your side hustle to be truly profitable, you need to start NOW.

The best time to start a side hustle is RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait any longer. 
There will never be a perfect time to get started. Start working on your project today and simply adjust as time goes on.
Here’s what to do next. . .

The “cost” of this book is $49, and you get it instantly as a download.
You can access your book anywhere, instantly.

I suggest you get this book today because it will HELP you . . . but it will also help me, help others.

After all, we’re in this together. 

Oh, and one more thing...
expect more offers...
Once you add the book to your cart I'm going to suggest you consider also adding the Passion to Profit worksheets and Building Your Personal Brand ebook. They'll both help set you up for greater success by keeping your tasks outlined and getting you thinking about yourself as a lucrative brand.

That's it.

That's all I have. 

'Wishing you massive success...always.

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